Cakra Studio

Digital Strategy

Digital strategy is what sets us apart from the rest of the competitions. We have a vast amount of digital knowledge and professional experience to give you the best advice. We can provide Internet consultations, proven marketing strategies and in-depth analytics to identify the best approach for marketing your website.

Graphic Design

Our graphic designers are gifted individuals with a talent for bringing your brand to life across every platform. Nowadays, graphic design is a crucial factor on your digital marketing strategy. Brands and corporates can no longer ignore the importance of digital creativity.

Web Design

People spend more time on websites that are visually appealing so those are the sorts of websites that we build (clean, professional, and visually attractive). Our creative team will design your website to follow your brand guidelines and complement your offline marketing.

Application Development

In a constantly evolving business landscape, it is imperative for corporates (or even small companies) to gain competitive edge in their businesses and utilize the full potential of the latest cutting-edge technologies. Cakra team helps clients automate their business operations and save cost through custom-built software that is suitable to their size and industries.

Hosting and Maintenance

Website hosting and maintenance is like the electricity in your house, you don’t really think about it until it stops working. Then it’s a major disruption. Similarly, if you can’t get a response from your web team in a timely manner, then even the most basic website updates can become very frustrating. Cakra team provides hosting support and maintenance services for most of our clients, which gives them the peace of mind when problems occur.

Online Marketing

Unlike some other marketing disciplines, the majority of online marketing activities can be clearly tracked and the results evaluated. It’s cost-effective and highly flexible because you can adapt your strategies quickly and without the need for a large, upfront investment.

Cakra Studio is one of the fastest growing web design and digital agency based in Jakarta. We have excellent clients all around the world including USA, Europe, and Asia. You can see our online portfolio here