2006 Art Resource Directory & Handbook

Welcome to our launching page for the 2006 ART Resource Directory!

Published in the Fall of 2005, this annual resource handbook features 53 articles by industry experts on infertility and family building options.

Currently we are continuing our 2006 FALL fundraising promotion: Receive the CD version of this resource as our gift – which includes all the articles, as well as the professional listing directory – when you make a one-time $ 28 donation to INCIID.  After you donate, please send us an email requesting your CD. We will send the CD in a plain envelope to the address you enter on the donation form. Remember, your donations are tax deductible and help us to continue making great programs and materials available to those who need them.

Whether you look at our 2006 ART Resource Directory online, or on the CD, you will need the following technical capabilities:
Internet Explorer version 5.0 and above, Adobe Acrobat Reader version 5.0 and above, and Macromedia Flash Player version 5.0 and above are required to properly run these files.

You can see the table of contents here (without launching the interactive file)

Ready to launch?  Click here to launch the 2006 ART Resource Handbook and Directory.

(Note – this will take you to the interactive table of contents from where you may reach all of these articles).

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