Alexis’ Story: Ectopic Pregnancy and Cardiac Arrest

Alexis’ Story: Ectopic Pregnancy and Cardiac Arrest

I was married just 8 months when I found out I was 10 weeks along with an ectopic pregnancy. The embryo still had a heartbeat in my left tube. The surgeon got it out but 2 weeks later, I went into shock and cardiac arrest. What happened is the surgeon didn’t get the entire embryo out and my tube never perforated. I had no pulse. No heartbeat. Was found unconscious in my house, alone. I can say I know what it feels like to die. It haunts everyday of my life. Once rushed to ER, they said I had 2 liters of blood in my abdomen from tube not perforating. I needed 2 blood and a plasma transfusion. I had to have my left tube removed and the right one was destroyed from the severe trauma from all the blood in my abdomen.

What should’ve been a simple ectopic pregnancy, left me not only infertile with no tubes but threw me into AMA with DOR.

My first fresh round of IVF did not work but 5 months later, my FET gave me my miracle baby.

Now, another fresh and frozen round cancelled years later, due to unknown fluid in my uterus and then the embryos arrested once my uterus was finally ready for the transfer.

We are one and done not by choice. I’m hoping therapy will heal time. I yearn for another baby everyday that I’ll never get to have.

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