April 8, 2015 INCIID Insights Newsletter: Male Prolactin and Advocacy: Applying What You Learn

Male Prolactin and HyperprolactinemiaCase Introduction 

“John” is a 48-year-old male who has been suffering from chronic headaches for the past month. He takes ibuprofen for the headaches, which provide only some relief. He also has difficulty seeing when he is changing lanes while driving. He complains that he has been feeling more tired than usual and does not enjoy some of his regular activities, like golfing, as much as he used to. He also has been having “problems in the bedroom” lately, namely, a lack of interest in sex and difficulty maintaining an erection. John figures he is just “past his prime” but at the request of his wife, he makes a doctor’s appointment.  Learn More 




Do Not Be Afraid to Invite the Elephant into the Room.
by Brice Palmer   
Our last article talked about arguments in the legal sense and how we came to have a particular set of rules and procedures for making formal legal arguments. The article also talked about how to apply the principles of those rules when we “make our case” during Team meetings with the school.

Several parents and advocates called or sent email messages to me about the article. Some asked follow-up questions. Some asked for an example of how to apply the principles in real life.   Learn More







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April 8, 2015: Mike Berkley: East Meets West; All you want to know about Acupuncture & Herbs
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May 20, 2015:  How do you know your uterus can support a pregnancy.

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