Celebrities Who Used Surrogacy to Build a Family by Zoe Hemenway

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Celebrities are people just like everyone else. Some want to get married and start a family, some do not. Some celebrities find starting and building their families easy but others like many dealing with infertility and pregnancy loss struggle with the physical and emotional side to fertility just like “regular” people.

On the surface it may seem like celebrities have it easy, and that they can do whatever they want with no struggle. “Regular,” everyday people often don’t expect to hear about struggles with infertility, especially coming from someone who is famous. It’s somewhat of a taboo subject, and many women feel ashamed admitting they struggle with it. The reality is it can be extremely hard or even impossible for a woman to get pregnant and they may have to look for other options to build a family.

Kardashian West and Kanye West recently had their third child via a surrogate. Kardashian West admitted that her second pregnancy was very high risk due to having preeclampsia and her doctor informed her that she should not carry out any more pregnancies. The Wests, wanting another child, opted to use a surrogate and Chicago West was born this January. While the Wests are some of the most recent and possibly the most prominent celebrities to use a surrogate, they are certainly not the only ones.

Lucy Liu (Left) welcomed her son at 46 through a surrogate. Due to her age and work schedule, she believed surrogacy was the best option for her. She embraces the untraditional way she chose to have a family.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban (left) welcomed their second daughter via surrogacy. Kidman also has two adopted children with her ex-husband Tom Cruise.

Many celebrities have shared their struggle with infertility.

Tyra Banks wanted to be a mom for years before she had her son, York. She waited for the right moment due to her incredibly busy career, but when the time finally came she went through countless struggles with infertility. Banks and her, now ex-boyfriend, Erik Asla call their son their “miracle baby boy.” Surrogacy is the family-building method that finally gave them the child they wanted for years.

Jimmy Fallon and his wife Nancy Juvonen tried to have a baby for five years before surrogacy helped them build their family and gave them their baby. Fallon wants his story to give other couples hope because he knows how difficult this journey can be.

Some celebrities, such as Elton John and his husband David Furnish (left)  and Neil Patrick Harris and his husband David Burtka(bottom-left), are gay and may choose to go through surrogacy or adopt. John and Furnish have two sons, both of whom came from a surrogate.

Harris and Burtka have twins via a surrogate, each of them being the father of one, though they do not know which one is biologically theirs

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