Greg & Ashley We can do anything

Greg & Ashley We can do anything


Born 12/23/2015

Greg and I met in 2008 and instantly fell in love. Within six months of dating we were engaged and in May 2009 we were married. Our life was such a whirlwind and things happened so fast for us. Our family building has not been that way though.

We started trying to conceive January 2010 and we are still on that journey today. We have done 11 cycles of clomid, 8 cycles of letrozole, 4 inseminations with trigger injections and are left with IVF as our only treatment option. Unfortunately, as many of you know, IVF is not something that is cheap or often covered by insurance. We tried everything to finance our IVF and we were turned away every time.

Our last hope was INCIID. We were told about INCIID by an endocrinologist we visited for a second opinion. It was the best piece of advice we have ever received. Now we wait for our opportunity to continue this journey with INCIID.

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