INCIID Insights: Do you want to have a baby? May 2007

So you want to have a child?  For some couples, that simply means stop using birth control and you will get pregnant. For others it is a fairly straightforward decision to explore adoption opportunities.  For the rest of us in the infertility community, it means settling in for the long haul; educating ourselves, asking the right questions, getting good support and making wise decisions about our treatment in consultation with our doctors.  That is where INCIID enters into a partnership with you on your family-building journey.  INCIID has FAQs, fact sheets and a newsletter to help with your education, weekly chats as well as doctors online daily to help with the questions you encounter along the path to family.  INCIID also offers interactive forums where you’ll find support to help connect you with others as you travel together.  All these things contribute to putting you in a better position to work with your doctor and find your best family-building  options. This all adds up to wise decisions- and for many – a positive outcome on their journey to build their family.

Do you want to continue to have access to the partnership with INCIID? Then we need you to contribute your part to the partnership.  Your financial contributions help to keep this organization serving the infertility community – Donate today . Your supportive posts on INCIID help your fellow travelers on their journeys. Both are vital to our community.

INCIID continues to bring you up-to-date information on new reproductive technologies including special events like the Webcast we did on February 15 announcing “ Breakthrough Infertility Study Doubles IVF Success Rates and Opens Door to Egg Freezing.  To view the video click here.

So you want to have a child?  Join the INCIID partnership and contribute today.

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