INCIID Insights Newsletter: November 2006

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Oh No! Not the Holidays by Helen Adrienne
I don’t want to buy any presents.  I don’t want to go to your family.  I don’t want to go to my family.  I don’t want to shove myself full of fattening food when I feel like a kielbasa from these hormones.  I don’t want to see my nieces and nephews.  I don’t feel like setting up any damn tree or menorah.  I don’t want to go to any parties…. If any of this sounds familiar, you aren’t alone and you will certainly want to read Helen’s insightful essay.

Meet Nurse Sue Jasulaitis RN MS
Like many nurses, Sue was drawn to the field of Reproductive Medicine after being touched by it’s effects. After working a few years in the field, she joined the Fertility Centers of Ilinois family where she has worked for ten years. See what Sue’s patients think of her skills.

Do you know someone deserving? Nominate an Online Angel. 

Do you know an “Angel” either ON or OFFLINE? Is there someone, a nurse, doctor, adoption specialist, social worker, therapist or any other professional that has gone that extra mile to help you try and build your family? If so, please nominate that person here. INCIID wants to recognize them. We want to reward these generous and compassionate professionals in the field of reproductive medicine. Send us your nomination today!
Nominating Form is HERE.

Egg Freezing: Questions and Answers. Gad Lavy, M.D.
Dr. Lavy ,
 an INCIID Professional member and founder of New England Fertility Institute, believes in patient oriented treatment and state of the art medical, educational and emotional support. On October 25th Dr. Levy spoke to INCIID participants about egg banking and freezing.

INCIID the Holidays to begin November 15, 2006 
This time of year can be hard when you are struggling with infertility and/or pregnancy loss. INCIID the Holidays is an annual event where we try to support your situation and provide some activities to help you enjoy the holidays.

Volunteer for INCIID
Are you empathetic and compassionate. If the answer is yes, you can help others by becoming an I-Host on the infertility forums. We need chat hosts and extra support on the forums especially for the holidays. If you are interested, please contact INCIID. Select “General Requests” on the drop down menu and put “Vounteer” in the subject line.

physicians and peers? Do you have a couple of week nights free? Could you use some extra holiday cash? INCIID is looking for professional chat hosts. We have other positions available too. Contact us for details.

New England Fertility Center Drs. Gay Lavy & Ervin Jones Volunteer to Moderate the INCIID Donor Gametes Forum:

Part Time Positions at INCIID 

Are you compassionate? Do you want to help others affected by both infertility and/or pregnancy loss? Are you knowledgable? Are you technically savvy? Do you like to chat with

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