INCIID Insights Newsletter: October 2006

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Third Party Reproduction Joel Batzofin, M.D. and Daniel Levine, M.D.. Third party reproduction refers to those situations where an alternative pathway to pregnancy is utilized by an individual or couple. These options encompass donor sperm, donor egg, gestational (IVF) surrogacy and true surrogacy.

Adoption: When an adoption doesn’t always go as planned.
An Essay from the Heart 

My husband and I went through 7 years of infertility and lost four angels to miscarriage before we had our one and only live birth. My conception and pregnancy were both nightmares. There was nothing easy we did to either get or stay pregnant and giving birth was not much different. These experiences were filled with fear, dread and dealing with multiple roadblocks.

From INCIID the Heart IVF Scholarship Update.
October 31, 2007 celebrates the first birthday of the first baby born into this program providing free IVF to those in need.

New England Fertility Center Welcomes New Doctor:

Announcements & Studies

Herbs, Acupuncture & Complementary Medicine .INCIID welcomes Mike Berkley L.Ac., DA (RI) back to moderate a special forum focusing on acupuncture. Mike has his own practice in New York City. Post your questions here

Cancer and Infertility . Whether the diagnosis is new and you are looking for the best approach before treatment, or you are finished with treatment and ready to begin to try and build your family, you won’t want to miss this forum on INCIID moderated by Dr. Mory Nouriani.

Memorial Gardens: Please visit the gardens and feel free to send a tribute to any of your loved ones. Visit the Gardens

Sher Institute for Reproductive Medicine Studies. 
Read about current medical studies and see if you qualify to participate. Studies can significantly cut the cost for treatment. See if you qualify!

Fordham University — Investigation of the Emotional Effects of Multiple Miscarriages on Men. If you have suffered through multiple miscarriages please consider participating in this study of the emotional effects.

Women’s Psychological and Emotional Experiences Following Recurrent Miscarriage. Heather Cunha, a doctoral student at Fordham University in Manhattan, New York is working to complete her Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology. Her dissertation study is investigating women’s psychological and emotional experiences following recurrent miscarriage. This study will provide a more comprehensive portrayal of the range of psychological and emotional consequences of recurrent miscarriages. The significance of this study lies in bringing greater attention to this phenomenon. Ms. Cunha is recruiting women who have had three or more miscarriages (i.e., suffered recurrent miscarriages), and have no living children. Please know that involvement in this study includes being willing to share your miscarriage experiences in an open-ended interview to be conducted either face-to-face or over the telephone with the primary investigator. If you are interested and willing to be a participant please contact

Clear Passage Therapies is currently offering free demo treatments in select locations. Clear Passage knows that treatment choices can be difficult and often overwhelming. They want to make the decision to try therapy at Clear Passage as easy as possible. A free one-hour session will help you decide if therapy is right for you.For more details, please call 866-222-9437 or visit

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