INCIID Insights November 2006: Drs. Lavy and Jones become INCIID moderators

Dr. Gad Lavy is the medical director for the New England Fertility Institute.

In an era of highly specialized and technologically oriented medical care, it becomes more important than ever before to preserve the personal touch and art of healing. There are thousands of couples who are making the decision to use donor gametes in building their families. It is not always an easy decision to make.

Drs. Lavy and Jones are  patient oriented and provide treatment and provide state of the art medical, educational and emotional support through their center in New England.

Dr. Gad Lavy, Dr. Ervin Jones help couples make  this dream of building a family come true. They have volunteered and are here to answer any and all your questions about the use of donor gametes. We are proud to have them here on INCIID to help guide patients toward successful parenthood and hope they will help make your jouney a bit easier.

Bring your questions to the INCIID Donor Gametes Forum.

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