INCIID Insights November 2006: INCIID the Holidays

Welcome to INCIID the Holidays 
(“Inside” the Holidays)

November 15, 2006 – January 15, 2007

Holidays are normally fun but for those who struggle with infertility, they can be hard. We think we can help by providing some tips, suggestions and coping strategies while at the same

Amidst celebrations and seasonal festivities, emotions are mixed and needs run high. INCIID the Holidays tries to bridge the “needs gap” and help men and women experiencing infertility and loss to come through the season with a sort of renewed strength and feelings of hope.  

We have provided a special holiday section on the website complete with recipe swapping boards, cyber bashes and special fun and games, a corner just for the holiday spirit. If you feel you could use some extra strength to or a quiet place to mourn, we are here for you? We’ll be brining some special guest chats and the  Support-a-thon Forum for Christmas and Thanksgiving holidays.

We kick off the two month long INCIID the Holidays Program with a Chat on Wed. November 15 with Third Party Reproduction Expert Joel Batzofin, M.D. Dr. Batzofin practices in New York City. Dr. B has a warm and funny spirit and can answer all your questions should you be thinking of using  a surrogate or using donor eggs.

We’ll also be scheduling some phone interaction with Helen Adrienne – stay tuned for details. 

INCIID the Holidays special section is located on the drop down menu from any of the INCIID forums.

  • Events will be scheduled throughout the holidays. Check the INCIID Events Calendar for details
  • Holiday Blues Forum is a special place for those who have experienced a loss or who are still struggling to build their families. We hope having a place to come and share those special feelings with others who care will help lighten the seasonal blues. We’ll share tips and inspire and encourage each other — a place for hope and renewed spirit.
  • Angels on the Tree, Stars in the Sky: is a forum designed to memorialize lost angels, and babies yet to be conceived or adopted.
  • Spirit of the Holidays: This is a place to help uplift your fellow INCIIDers’ Spirits. Fun, Games they are all on this agenda. Plan a holiday party and get a chat together or Organize a secret Santa.
  • Holiday Chat Cyber Parties:  Plan a chat party with friends from other sites and other boards.  Come to a holiday event – there are many planned throughout INCIID the Holidays.   If you want us to create a special chat room for your cyber party — just let us know.
  • Holiday Shopping: Find and Give your own smart Tips and Reminders about the shopping throughout the holidays. Locate a great sale or online shopping opportunities. Looking for something special, Ask someone where you might find it and what the best price might be.
  • Holiday Recipes and Cooking:  find just the recipe you’re looking for and make someone that special holiday dish. Find quick and easy cooking solutions for this fast-paced time of year.

 If you have any special requests please contact us and we will do our best to help and serve you.

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