June 24, 2015 INCIID Insights Newsletter: Respectful Adoption Language And Parent Participation in the Special Education Process

In this Edition of INCIID INsights:

Adoption: I first learned about the use of Respectful Adoption Language (RAL) from Patricia Irwin Johnston more than twenty years ago. RAL
refers to attribution of “maximum respect, dignity responsibility and objectivity when working and communicating about adoption.
The term was introduced originally by a social worker named Marietta Spencer.

Special Needs Advocacy: Parental participation has trickled up to near the top of the list of what irritates many parents.  I don’t know how widespread that irritation is. What I can say is many parents who get in touch with me are furious about getting shut out of being able to take a worthwhile role during IEP meetings.  Specifically, parents tell me that they resent facilitators or compliance officers who dominate the IEP meeting conversation.

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