March 1, 2016 INCIID Insights: Fertility Research Survey And You Are the Most Important Team Member

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Fertility Research Survey 

Fertility research:Acceptance and mindfulness among couples dealing with infertility. Take the Survey Anastasiia Kuliapina, provisional psychologist and Dr Lisa Abel from the School of Psychology at Bond University, Australia, seek to understand your individual experiences related to infertility. We would like to learn from your experiences. Our goal with this research is to replace despair with hope and isolation with meaningful engagement in valued living and strong loving relationships. The research is conducted to contribute to the development of helpful fertility related psychological support programs.
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Special Education Advocacy:  You are the Most Important Team Member

The opening sentence in our last article and webinar was “This INCIID article is about your child’s most important Team member – You.” The assertion that you – the parent – are your child’s most important Team member hit a nerve because a lot of parents from different states have called me to unload about the treatment and indifference they have been faced with from their school. This complaint by parents is not new. It has been topical for many years – but – I have never seen it as often as now. Learn More

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