March 24, 2015 INCIID Insights Newsletter: East Meets West (acupuncture) and Advocacy Styles Adversarial or Aggressive?

East Meets West: Traditional Chinese Medicine
by Mike Berkley, L.Ac., FABORM 

Although the goals of Complementary medicine and conventional Western medicine are the same, their ideas about what causes a disease, the nature of the disease itself, and the process used to regain health are very different. The physician learns that disease must be cured by prescribing medicine or by surgery. There is nothing inherently wrong with this approach. It often works.

But why does Complementary medicine succeed where conventional Western medicine sometimes fails? What is it about acupuncture and herbal medicine that can result in relief of symptoms or even a cure that is often lacking in conventional Western medicine?
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Relax and Open Your Mind

Advocacy Style: Adversarial or Aggressive and What’s the Difference?
by Brice Palmer

When the “stuff” hits the fan, the “stuff” is not distributed evenly! So how do we get that level playing field?  We argue! Now – we aren’t talking about yelling or screaming at a neighbor or fellow commuter. We are talking about arguments framed by rules, process and procedure – and no you don’t have to be a lawyer to think like one. Link to Article»

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