Miracles and Memories (MAM) Pins

Miracles and Memories (MAM) Pins

The InterNational Council on Infertility Information Dissemination, Inc’s (INCIID — pronounced “inside”) Miracles and Memories Campaign (MAM™) continues to reach out to expand its global support for infertility, pregnancy and other child loss through the uniting of patients, medical and other support professionals, families, loved ones, friends, and the community.

 Established in August of 2002, MAM has the vision that no one affected by infertility and/or pregnancy loss, or the heartbreak of a failed adoption should feel alone or loss of fertility should feel unsupported.

About Miracles and Memories
What is MAM™?
Miracles and Memories (MAM), is a worldwide, international movement designed to increase public awareness and support patient education and empowerment for infertility, pregnancy loss and adoption. By reaching out through the global community, sponsors, corporate partners and individuals, we hope to raise global awareness for those who continue to suffer predominately in silence, to a higher level of compassion and understanding by family, friends doctors, attorneys and anyone working inside or outside of the reproductive medicine field..

Infertility affects one out of six 6 persons in the United States alone. Yet it is can be a lonely place to live –  engulfed with terrible stigma perpetuated by the media’s ill-conceived portrayal of “wealthy couples creating designer babies”. We as a community must band together to educate the media and general public on the causes and treatment of infertility and pregnancy loss as well as the complexity of adoption.

The Symbol for Miracles and Memories™ Worldwide Outreach Ribbons of Remembrance

To symbolize the emotional wounds of infertility and loss, and to celebrate the memory of babies never held, and/or the tiny miracles with us only for moments, INCIID has created a beautiful pink, white and baby blue Ribbon of Remembrance pin — This universal symbol of family-building serves as a tangible reminder that their babies are wanted, loved, and missed.

The Ribbon of Remembrance pin will help raise awareness for everyone who is touched by or has struggled with family-building medical and emotional issues. The goal and mission is to unite in one common compassionate bond to remember those struggling with infertility and loss of a child, create open lines of communication, increase advocacy, and help fight for universal infertility insurance coverage for patients.

The Symbolic Colors of our Ribbons:

PINK symbolizes a soft peaceful demeanor, but one strong in the sense of justice. It also represents vulnerability.

WHITE incorporates the qualities of all other colors. It represents the innocence and purity that brings with it peace and comfort even in death. White is a color of Spirituality, associated with rarity and uniqueness. It symbolizes our unity and compassion — for a child, or a loss; possibly a life yet to be lived, one’s fertility, or an adoption yet to be realized. 

BLUE is a color of communication and philosophy.
The baby blue in the ribbon symbolizes the honest desire to build a family. It embraces a deep feeling of love and affection and compassion for others suffering through the loss of a pregnancy or their fertility. It symbolizes the true blue loyalty and commitment to support and empower others, and it promotes group unity.

The MAM pins are small but powerful. We hope physicians, patients, friends and family of anyone who has compassion for the struggle to build a family will wear them proudly. INCIID wants to bring a daily awareness of infertility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to everyone across the globe. We will provide the pins (including shipping inside the US) for a $25 donation to cover the cost of the pin, handling, and postage. We can also order these in bulk – email us with your questions.

Please spread the word – It would be nice to see everyone wearing these during the holidays.

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