Special Needs Acronyms

AC       :      Augmentative Communication
AC       :      Alternative Communication or augmentative communication
ASD    :      Autistic Spectrum Disorder
AT       :      Assistive Technology
ASL     :      American Sign Language
ADHD :      Attention Deficit Hyper Disorder definition and symptoms.
ADD    :      Attention Deficit Disorder
ADA    :      Americans with Disabilities Act
ABA    :      Applied Behavior Analysis
BIP      :      Behavior Intervention Plan
CEC    :      Council for Exceptional Children
DSM   :      Diagnostic and Statistical Manual
DTD    :      Developmental Trauma Disorder
FAPE  :      Free Appropriate Public Education
FAS     :     Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
GT       :      Gifted and Talented Definition
HOTS :      Higher Order Thinking Skills
IDEA   :      Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
IQ        :      Intelligence Quotient
LD       :      Learning Disability
LRE     :     Least Restrictive Environment
OCD   :      Obsessive Complusive Disorder
ODD   :      Oppositional Defiant DisorderMainstreaming
MH      :      Multiply Handicapped or Multiple Disabilities
MID     :     Mild Intellectual Disability
NCLB  :      No Child Left BehindRS – Related Services
SIB      :       Self-Injurious Behavior
SPED  :      Special Eduction
SPP    :     State Performance Plan Definition.
TFT     :     Thought Field Therapy

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