Tips on Progesterone Use for IVF

Tips on Progesterone Use for IVF

Making Progesterone in Oil shots less painful.

Welcome. The goal of this educational module is to provide information and tips for making progesterone in oil injections easier and less painful. This tutorial is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to replace treatment plans provided by your physician.  You should always consult your doctor with questions about your treatment.

After viewing the presentation participants will become familiar with the kinds of progesterone medications offered as well as the most preferred forms of progesterone for patients during the last phase of an in vitro fertilization or IVF cycle.

After viewing the module, you should be able to describe the purpose and function of Progesterone in Oil injections. You will also be able to name  the three most common types of progesterone in oil used by most IVF practitioners and why particular kinds of progesterone are preferred over others – including which type is NOT recommended for pregnant women. Lastly, the tutorial will provide you with tips to make administration of the progesterone in oil injection less painful.

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